Promotion of business ideas: she has not all!

12 Feb

Smoothies made of local leaves or 60,000 euros for exchange transactions: Hartz IV recipients have strange business ideas. The job center it must assume all serious and justify a denied promotion good.

For Mr. N. is simply the statement: He has been unemployed for more than ten years, gets a month with rent and basic security around 800 € and has far cost the state so far more than 60,000 euros. “If the can not just give me the money, then loan?” Asks on the phone Mr. N., who from the job center wants a loan for a job as a stockbroker- direct lenders GREEN-TOUCH.ORG online. As simple as it is not natural – not for every person with healthy skepticism, and certainly not for the Job Center, where many knock Hartz IV recipients with business ideas. But the question is already worthwhile: What ideas have unemployed to earn their own money back – and how they will be helped to implement it?

When the company, in which Mr. N. worked as a computer technician, went bust ten years ago, he thought, had even now do something. His idea: to work in the stock market, get involved in the license-free futures trading. And because this is more complicated than it would fit on this newspaper page, he explains: “It’s like the fish market in Hamburg. There you bid on a box of halibut. And then you go to a farmer’s market – and sell the box profitably “But without box and derivatives.

For five years he has tried with real trading programs but without real money. “So I wanted to prove: Okay, it’s,” Mr. N. says, is convinced: It’s real. Would he take his business, working on ten days of the month, remained him his bill for 2200 euros to life. As a precaution, it pushes up the answer to the logical demand afterward: “. It does not make so everyone because it’s not everyone knows” But, 60,000 euros, Mr. N. – this is not a bit presumptuous? It is appropriate to place N. He needs so much to be allowed to act at all. “If I were to open a dealership, I had to stand up to me at least ten cars so at all times someone looks – what do you mean, what does it cost?”

Smoothies from local foliage

Call in a job center in a major German city, some 300 kilometers from the residence of Mr. N. – and because we want to talk about the same people with unique ideas that can not be identified, must the remain vague. The clerk, who takes care of budding self in the job center, hears a lot of ideas. What often happens: someone wants to open a kiosk, a snack or a delivery service. What is not so often happens: that someone wants to drive smoothies made from local leaves, sew dog clothes or put tarot cards professionally. Especially the latter: “I thought at first that she has probably not all,” said the officer.

But what they can at the job center does not do: just think of it no longer has it all, and bye. Each request must be reviewed, the Hartz IV recipients are entitled to that an appraiser looks at the idea. So that was the fortune tellers. The Economic Development Office in the city said: The esoteric market is bigger than you think, the man already has customers and knows his stuff. For six months he got the so-called entry money from the job center, has a total of two years laid brave cards – but in the end, it was not enough after all.

Government funding for divination – is it not justified, that Mr. N. gets borrowed 60,000 euros for trading on the stock market? “For us,” says the woman from the job center, “absolutely no one gets so much money.” Loans there only for capital expenditures, and only about 3,000 to 5,000 euros. Who needs more needs to audition with his idea at a bank. Just recently, tells the clerk, have two Hartz IV recipients get from the Reconstruction Loan money for her fashion label.

No funding for private wealth management

Mr. N. aware of these arguments. He has heard time and again – first from the job center, then from the Social Court, then the Landessozialgericht, but they did not convince him. Now he wants to prefer the Federal Social Court. Basically, there is the entry money is to ensure the survival of the new self-employed in the first six months of Hartz IV recipients. And there are loans, as Mr. N. is one wishes. What there is not, the verdict in any case recently after a long dispute the Social Court in Celle: financing for private wealth management. Mr. N., the judgment did, indeed set his cause “extensive and with specialized appearances”. But financial transactions are, roughly speaking, no real business. And it was not to be assumed that the idea is economically viable.

Graffiti Portrait of American rapper Notorious BIG – with this kind of art can also make money. : Picture: AP
Mr. N. says this ruling only come about because neither the Job Center still in court someone familiar enough with his idea and because the stock market is bad repute since the financial crisis unjustly. Therefore, his application had not even been properly tested. A request from the Chamber of Commerce has brought nothing content, an expert on the German stock exchange had not been ordered. However, Mr. N., must it necessarily the Securities Trading? “I’m 59 years old – you might think that I have anything other than, if any, would get a precarious work?” He believes that the job center “noisy hot dog vendor” promotes whose wages are but then still increased must. “They do not yet get rid of people if they are not equipped with sufficient capital,” he says.

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