104 medical services in deplorable Telangana


Nizambad: The 104 mobile services set up to provide medical services in rural areas are sadly dying.

The 104 medical services were started in united Andhra Pradesh in 2008. These vehicles stood idle for many days. The government has also ordered district doctors to auction off these vehicles. Nine 104 vehicles provide mobile medical facilities to villagers in Kamareddy district. Likewise, eight 104 vehicles provide mobile medical services in Nizamabad district.

The state government of Telangana has assigned the responsibility of auctioning them off to the district collector. Additionally, the auction process involves the Department of Transportation, police, and additional collectors.

The 104 vehicles have provided medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, as well as other chronic diseases, to the villages of Telangana for a decade.

People with chronic diseases in rural areas used to receive drugs through the 104 service. With the introduction of primary health centers under Arogya Sri, villagers with chronic diseases will have to go to primary health centers or to health sub-centres to obtain medicines.

In the former district of Nizamabad, up to 480 medical camps were organized per month with 104 mobile vehicles. Over the past 12 years, about 5,762 medical camps have been organized in villages in Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts. About 6,35,000 chronic patients in the district have benefited from health checks and medication through these medical camps. Currently, 104 services have been suspended in the past six months with the implementation of the lifestyle disease prevention program.

We learn that the government is ready to completely cancel 104 services as part of a program to distribute drugs to households.


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