Another Stroke Award for Hampton Regional Medical Center


By Dr Zane Osborne, Director of the HRMC Emergency Department

This month, Hampton Regional Medical Center (HRMC) was honored by the American Heart Association for its exceptional care of our stroke patients. HRMC received the Get With The GuidelinesĀ®-Stroke Gold Plus with Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll Award for excellent diabetes management in patients recovering from stroke. This is national recognition for our efforts in 2021 in treating stroke patients admitted to HRMC.

While the price primarily reflects the excellent care provided by our inpatient team, our excellent care begins the moment you seek medical service with signs or symptoms of a stroke. Hampton County EMS is specifically trained to identify and transport stroke patients to the most appropriate facility and initiate treatment as soon as possible.

Our exceptional care continues during your transport to the hospital with EMS in contact with our doctors and nurses trained in acute stroke. These highly trained and dedicated medical professionals are ready when you arrive in the emergency department and immediately perform the studies and procedures necessary to ensure our patients have the best possible recovery.

Upon arrival, our team takes the patient to the CAT scan to obtain an immediate CAT scan of the head to assess for hemorrhagic stroke. While the study is ongoing, our dedicated stroke nurse arranges a telemedicine lecture and review by the stroke neurologist trained at MUSC. This physician then examines the patient and makes recommendations with our board-certified, stroke-trained emergency service provider as the best next course.

If there is no bleeding in the brain, our goal is to deliver clot-busting (t-Pa) medication as soon as possible, with a goal of 60 minutes or less. As my last article mentioned, there are strict time limits for using this drug, so it is very important to get to the emergency department as soon as possible. When our patient meets the criteria to receive t-Pa, the ER doctor orders the medication and the neurologist at MUSC arranges for the patient to be transferred to MUSC for a higher level of stroke care.

If the patient is not eligible for t-Pa, our highly trained inpatient team takes over and admits them to HRMC and the rehabilitation and stabilization process continues. This team maximizes care to ensure that all of our stroke patients have the best possible recovery to return to their previous level of functioning.

This award recognizes the efforts of the entire stroke team in collaboration with our patients, their families and the neurology department at MUSC. We are honored to have won this award and promise to continue doing our best to make HRMC the best possible stroke center for our community.


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