Archbold Medical Center implements trackerPLUS for strategic physician awareness

trackerPLUS - Tiller-Hewitt's Faster, Better, and More Affordable Physician Relationship Management (PRM) Solution

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies Platform Delivers Faster, Better Physician Relationship Management

When reviewing the PRM options, we immediately saw how better trackerPLUS would fit into our supplier outreach workflows ”

– Catherine Hurst, MSN / MBA, RN, Director of Physician Outreach at Archbold

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / – Archbold Medical Center, a four-hospital healthcare system in South Georgia, launched Tiller-Hewitt’s physician relationship management (PRM) trackerPLUS solution to accelerate its strategic growth initiative in southern Georgia Georgia and northern Florida.

The trackerPLUS platform was designed specifically for healthcare business development, professional outreach, and physician liaison teams to plan, execute and track strategic growth and physician engagement initiatives.

“The Physician Liaison and Outreach team leaders are impressed with the simplicity and enhanced functionality of trackerPLUS,” said Thomas Tiller, COO of Tiller-Hewitt Healthcare Strategies. “The technology is more robust – but more affordable and easier to use – than other platforms that require significant modifications and expensive licenses.”

The ability to strategically plan, execute, communicate and measure the impact of outreach programs is particularly valuable to Archbold. By selecting trackerPLUS, they make sure it meets and exceeds their high standards for technology platforms.

“When reviewing PMR options, we immediately saw how better trackerPLUS would fit into our vendor outreach workflows,” said Catherine Hurst, MSN / MBA, RN, director of corporate outreach. doctors at Archbold. “We like the
ability to integrate internal baseline and volume data for rapid tracking of work shifts so we can identify baseline leaks in real time and respond quickly.

“Using the pre-call plan feature, I can quickly create my plan and convert it later, along with my notes, to record the meeting with just two clicks,” said Hurst. “I was also amazed at the ease of escalation and problem solving for the service line managers. Without having to log in, they can access the issue, understand what is needed, and comment. Everyone’s progress and communication history can be captured in real time using trackerPLUS.

Tiller-Hewitt’s trackPLUS PRM platform integrates responsibility for resolving barriers to accessing service lines and measures the results of outreach initiatives. Combined with Tiller-Hewitt’s intelligence data solutions, which accelerate and streamline access to market intelligence and real-time referral activities, trackerPLUS enables outreach teams to spend more time in the field moving market share rather than in front of their computer.

Tiller-Hewitt’s suite of services and solutions deliver strategic growth and measurable results: improving physician engagement, minimizing leaks, maximizing network usage, protecting market share, and growing product lines. high margin strategic services and specialties.

Download a summary all the features and benefits of trackerPLUS.

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Strategic growth
– Operational assessments of readiness for strategic growth
– Network optimization and consolidation of care
– Improvement of Lean processes

Data analysis and reference tracking tools
– trackerPLUS PMR
– Market knowledge
– Quick problem resolution and accountability

Physician engagement and retention
– onboardPLUS and mentoring
– Fast acceleration of training
– Integration of the family of service providers

Liaison with physicians
– Physician awareness / business development programs
– Coaching
– Program evaluations

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For 20 years, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies has partnered with healthcare organizations to ensure consistent strategic growth and measurable results. The Tiller-Hewitt team designs and executes high performance programs that drive strategic growth, network optimization and physician retention for hundreds of healthcare systems, hospitals and healthcare organizations across the population and providers nationwide.

Tiller-Hewitt delivers a rapid and measurable return on investment by working in partnership with the leadership, operations and physician liaison / liaison teams to anchor a collaborative culture and create strong strategic growth programs on the pillars of Tiller-Hewitt: systems, data and people. To learn more, visit

About Archbold Medical Center
Archbold Medical Center is a health system of four hospitals and three nursing homes with 540 patient beds. We employ over 2,500 people and have an exceptional medical staff of nearly 200 qualified medical specialists. Our flagship hospital, John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, is a 264 bed hospital located in Thomasville, Georgia. Our system hospitals, also in Georgia, are Brooks County Hospital in Quitman, Grady General Hospital in Cairo, and Mitchell County Hospital in Camilla.
For over 90 years, Archbold has stood for high quality, compassionate medical care. Our dedicated staff and exemplary facilities have helped us maintain an excellent reputation. Our facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission.

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