At Laboratories We Trust…..Celebrating our Critical Medical Laboratory Science Staff in Aotearoa


After a hiatus since 2019, the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (NZIMLS) is pleased to finally have an in-person National Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) to celebrate and communicate the essential role of medical laboratory science in Aotearoa in New Zealand. The ASM will be held from Wednesday August 31 to Friday September 2, 2022 at Te Papa in Wellington.

With over 60 national speakers, many of whom are well known to the public and the media, this conference relies on the collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders in medical laboratory science in Aotearoa, New Zealand. There are over 700 delegate registrations over the three days with representation from all corners of the motu. The conference will include presentations from familiar health leaders and some of our outstanding subject matter scientists who continue to play a critical role in the pandemic and broader health responses. Topics such as specialized hematology, biochemistry, diagnostic molecular pathology and governance of laboratory services will be covered in plenary sessions and key specialist tracks.

“To finally meet many of our colleagues in person again is a long-awaited opportunity to share our frontline experiences and reflect on what we have accomplished over the past two years. As a professional leader, I am totally humbled and honored to represent a group of exceptional practitioners who embody the true unsung medical heroes of the pandemic,” says Terry Taylor, President of NZIMLS.

“Getting from a quiet backroom and undervalued workforce to a profession that has grown to be recognized as a totally essential frontline profession is an honor for those who make the mahi. Our scientists Specialists have embraced new fame and have become true leaders in the diagnostic medical research and healthcare sectors,” says Taylor.

The theme of the conference is “Winds of Change”. This reflects the long-awaited positive changes the medical laboratory scientist profession will see as the services merge in the governance and stewardship of Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora over the next few years. NZIMLS is excited about a new future of collaboration in diagnostic services and new pathways for our promising specialist scientists.

This is a moment to thank all the stakeholders in the medical laboratory industry in Aotearoa New Zealand who have supported the NZIMLS and the profession during the pandemic and in previous years. Strong support from healthcare leaders, the media and the public have all contributed to the increased profile of this essential workforce. It has been recognized that the pandemic has had a detrimental effect on the workforce, but the determination, character and expertise of so many to do their part speaks volumes about medical laboratory healthcare professionals. . The positive intention of health and political leaders to address the historic deficiencies that surfaced during the pandemic will secure the future of the essential professional role of medical scientists and technicians within Te Whatu Ora.

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