At the central prison, medical facilities are on the way

Inmates at Parappana Agrahara can now benefit from various health schemes

The inmates of central jail in Parappana Agrahara can now avail medical facilities under various health schemes, according to Randeep D, State of Karnataka Family health and well-being Commissioner.

Randeep visited the central prison on Thursday to inspect the medical facilities available to prisoners and prepare a plan to address prisoners’ health issues.

The Hospitality department started the process of transferring all prison hospitals to State Department of Health in accordance with the instructions of the National Human Rights Commission.

“Our goal is to make all medical facilities available to inmates in the central prison. Medical facilities in all prisons will be improved and modernized. We are also taking steps to provide Arogya Bhagya cards to enable them to benefit from medical facilities,” Randeep said.

Randeep added that there are many health plans under state government and central government. “All program officers responsible for major national and state health programs will visit the hospital this month and plan regular screening activities and the extension of health services to inmates beginning in December 2022,” said he declared.

During the visit, a decision was made to procure drugs from Karnataka State Medical Supplies Corporation Limited, Jan Aushadi Kendras or opt for a local purchase. It was also decided to bring in medical specialists from the Departments of Health and Family and Medical Education.

“Medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics and others will be deployed once a week to provide specialist care to inmates in need.

This will alleviate the need for escorts/transport services to take them to outside hospitals. Steps will be taken to upgrade the casualty block with equipment and personnel to handle all major emergencies,” Randeep explained.

Once prison hospital staff have been informed of the nursing shortage, additional nurses (at least eight nurses) will be assigned to the hospital.

Randeep said orderlies would be required to screen those sentenced to imprisonment before keeping them in the barracks. Measures would also be taken to activate telemedicine, teleradiology and teleconsultation services.

A team led by the Chief Engineer should visit and suggest to the Department of Prisons the repairs/modifications to the existing hospital infrastructure and build a new hospital in the upcoming area adjacent to the prison block.

According to the Deputy Director of Health and Family Welfare (Mental Health), Dr P Rajani, steps are being taken to extend specific health services to female prisoners and their children, including timely vaccination. “Recently, arrangements were made to admit a pregnant woman to the Vani Vilas Women and Children Hospital. The woman gave birth to a child. Now both are healthy,” said Dr. Rajani.


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