Atlanta Medical Center Closure Shocking, Says Rob Pitts Fulton Co


Pitts released a statement Thursday about AMC’s shutdown, which drew a similar outcry from many local officials.

ATLANTA — The top Fulton County official said Thursday that the announced closure of the Atlanta Medical Center was “shocking” to him because he had been in close contact with WellStar officials about changes at a hospital in East Point – and they never mentioned anything about Atlanta. him .

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Rob Pitts also said that after a review, the county determined there was “no legal recourse to prevent this closure.”

Pitts released a statement Thursday about AMC’s shutdown, which drew a similar outcry from many local officials. WellStar’s closure of the facility will remove one of two operating Level 1 trauma centers in the Atlanta metro area.

Pitts, in his statement, said he had been in communication with WellStar officials for months as they planned to close the emergency room at South Fulton Hospital and turn it into a care facility. ’emergency.

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“The sudden announcement of Atlanta Medical Center’s decision was particularly shocking after a series of meetings with WellStar over several months regarding the closure of South Fulton Hospital. To date, I have not been contacted by anyone at WellStar about Atlanta Medical Center, nor my counterpart, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond,” Pitts said.

With no legal recourse to try to prevent the closure, Pitts said the next step would be to address the “immediate need for a plan to absorb the 200 beds currently staffed at Atlanta Medical.”

“We have been in constant communication with leaders at Grady Health System, which is anticipating an influx of additional patients, and is already in contact with the care team at Atlanta Medical to support patients with ongoing care needs,” Pitts said. “We also recognize that Grady’s emergency room will be impacted immediately after the AMC closes, as will Emory Midtown Medical Center and Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. We are very confident that Grady’s trauma team will be able to continue to meet the Level I trauma needs of our community with Level II trauma centers in the area.

Pitts said he is now focusing on “long-term resource needs – in terms of finances and facilities”.

“Specifically, there is a need for a new hospital in South Fulton, which currently has no operating hospitals,” Pitts said. “As we work with our partners in DeKalb County, Georgia, and within the healthcare community, we will explore all options to meet the needs of our residents.”

WellStar’s schedule calls for the Atlanta Medical Center to close in November.


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