Bank supports Mkinga district with medical facilities


Ligoha expressed his gratitude yesterday by accepting a donation of two patient beds and bed linen for 100 beds for the Mkinga health centre.

According to him, the donation comes at the right time as health facilities in the district face a shortage of medical equipment.

“We thank NMB for this support as it will help us take care of mothers and their children,” said Dr Ligoha.

According to him, even during the current water rationing which has also affected the services of the health centers, the sheets will enable the district to cope with the situation.

“Water rationing has forced us to ask patients to bring bed sheets with them because health facilities don’t have enough sheets to change daily,” Ligoha said.

Mkinga District Council Executive Director Zahra Msangi thanked the NMB for the support provided to ensure the safety of children and their mothers.

Mkinga District Commissioner Colonel Maulid Hassan Surumbu said: “For me, I see this as a very good thing and that is why you continue to have many customers because every time you do this you increase the trust of your customers and even non-customers Congratulations.”

He called the paramedics to make sure the equipment was safe.

“We need more people to use these devices, so the only way to do that is to make sure that we manage them well and that everyone who uses them uses them professionally. In doing so, we will see these devices last. and be used for the benefit of many others,” he said.

NMB Northern Zone Director Dismas Prosper said the bank has allocated 1% of its profits to give back to communities.

“As stakeholders, we have a responsibility to support these development efforts by helping our communities because these communities need to take NMB bank to where it is now,” said the bank’s director in charge of Tanga regions. , Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara.

He added, “When we received this request for contribution to the development of education and health in Mkinga district, we immediately responded and worked with you to be the catalyst for the development of these important sectors for our community. “.


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