Cape Coast University Hospital CEO pays heartfelt tribute to nation’s medical laboratory professionals


Cape Coast University Hospital Director General Dr Eric Kofi Ngyedu paid tribute to the country’s medical laboratory professionals.

According to him, their invaluable contributions to the healthcare delivery chain in various hospitals across the country have been essential to many hospital-run services.

Speaking at the launch of the Cape Coast University Hospital branch of the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Dr Ngyedu said that medical laboratory scientists have become the foundation for acceleration and l assurance of practicing high standards and ethics.

He reminded the medical laboratory professionals at Cape Coast University Hospital to continue working with all other healthcare professionals as a healthcare team that fulfills the hospital’s mandate while protecting the name and integrity of the establishment.

He commended and assured the Chapter of the hospital management’s support in creating a very enabling environment that will enhance the practice of the medical laboratory profession and enhance its contribution to the delivery of advanced tertiary health care through medical laboratory training (undergraduate and postgraduate) and research.

The President of the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Dr Abu Abudu Rahamani, was enthusiastic about the kind words of the CEO of Cape Coast University Hospital and encouraged him to honor his commitment to the members of the chapter. enrolling them in the West African Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Sciences (WAPCMLS) when they come knocking on the door.

He encouraged the interim chapter executives to work in the interests of the profession in accordance with the constitution and the welfare of the chapter members.

The central regional president of the professional body, Samuel Amoah, in his remarks, presented to the audience the historical journey of the hospital towards obtaining the status of university hospital.

“The Cape Coast University Hospital, formerly known as the Central Regional Hospital, was completely transformed into a teaching hospital in 2014, hence the constitution directs the Regional Executive Board to establish a chapter of the teaching hospital,” he said. -he explains.

Cape Coast University Hospital Laboratory Department Laboratory Director Daniel Edem Azumah recounted the professional body’s journey, successes and reminded medical laboratory professionals of their sworn code of conduct and responsibilities to promotion of high medical laboratory standards. the teaching and practice of science in Ghana.

He pledged his support to interim chapter leaders in advancing GAMLS policies and the welfare of chapter members.

The program culminated with a swearing-in ceremony in which the interim executive officers were led by the National Association’s General Secretary, Solomon Kwashie, to take the oath of office, allegiance and secrecy.

Below is a list of the sworn interim officers of the section.

1. Chairman: – Dr Edward M. Adela

2. Vice-president: – Mr. Clifford Ofori-Darko

3. Secretary: – Ms. Pearl Dede Quansah

4. Financial Secretary: – Ms. Esther Essel

5. Organizer: – Mr. Francis Kori

6. Organizer of the female squadron: – Mrs. Grace Wemochigah

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