Capital Medical Center RN – Negotiating for better pay, PTO and patient safety — UFCW 3000


Capital RN Medical Center

On August 30, we met at the Capital Medical Center bargaining table and proposed our economy. The market for nurses in Washington State is changing rapidly and we expect management to work with us to keep Capital Medical Center at the forefront of our needs.

Beyond the salary scale, we continued to flesh out our counter-proposals on the PTO. Management initially brought us language to ensure consistency across contracts, and we need to ensure that the plan we agree to is fair and addresses lingering concerns about benefits and accrued liabilities.

Finally, our bargaining committee has been creative in our approaches to staffing and education. While these conversations are still in their infancy, we know that our daily lives as nurses are about more than compensation and benefits: we need to respect our safety and that of our patients!

Stay tuned for more information on joining the Contract Action Team (CAT)!

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns to Union Representative Brandan Zielinski @ 206-436-6603 or [email protected]

Our Capital Medical Center Bargaining Team (left to right): Steven Toff (UFCW Bargaining Chair 1), Bonnie Verellen (Labour and Delivery), Dennis Verellen (ICU/PCU), Cindy Dixon (PACU). Absent from the photo: Carol Cairone (OR) and Elisabeth Hildebrand (Cath Lab)


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