Carthage Area Hospital and Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center are downsizing | WWTI


NORTH COUNTRY, NY (WWTI) – Local hospitals have announced they will be laying off some of their employees in a bid to cut costs.

According to a press release from Carthage Area Hospital and Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, they will implement a workforce reduction that could affect 4% of employees at each hospital, as well as Meadowbrook Terrace, Assisted Living Facility. This will be the first staff reduction since 2015 for CHMC and 2014 for CAH.

The establishments explained that they had laid off some of their staff at the start of the pandemic and offered early retirement to others. The press release said the pandemic, combined with other factors, continued to create financial problems for every hospital despite facilities’ efforts to save money. CAH and CHMC President and CEO Richard Duvall said the facilities considered all options before making the decision to cut staff.

“All efforts to increase revenue and reduce costs by any other means have been exhausted. CHMC and CAH have taken deliberate approaches to examining solutions that balance employee benefits and the financial health of organizations,” said Duvall. “We created cooperative programs, shared staff and reduced expenses. Job cuts are a last resort, and we know it will impact the lives and families of dedicated employees who serve our communities.

Both hospitals said they would continue to assess their financial situation in the coming months to “ensure long-term viability and success.” Additionally, hospitals have assured residents that the cuts will not disrupt services for facilities. Duvall also said this was not a localized problem and that hospitals would continue to do their best to serve the community.

“This is a time of tough decisions to keep these hospitals in their local communities. We are not the only healthcare facilities facing these issues or reductions, but we want to be transparent that we are doing everything we can to stop further impacts on our workforce” , Duvall said. “We have to meet the needs of those we serve and they have different needs than they had in the past. Both Claxton-Hepburn and Carthage are poised to adapt to market needs and meet patient healthcare expectations.


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