Cheyenne Regional Medical Center cautiously returns to normal


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is adjusting its visitation allowances, but it is still keeping some.

The CRMC recently changed its visit protocol. Visitor access is relaxing and away from high level pandemic precautions.

Two visitors per visit, and people under 16, are now allowed. But their mask protocol remains in place for now.

“We try to strike a good balance between protecting our vulnerable patients and not denying patients and families the therapeutic element of being able to visit loved ones while they are in hospital,” Jeffrey Chapman, Chief Medical Officer – CRMC.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center continues to follow CDC guidelines.

It recommends health facilities use masks based on community transmission rates, which are still moderate.

“So we try to take a very slow and thoughtful approach. I don’t have all the answers, no one does.

With a resurgence of new variants in the United States, CRMC is ensuring that they continue to protect vulnerable and immunocompromised individuals.

“If we say ok, we’re going to totally relax that mask mandate, and then we pass it on to one of those people and they get sick and die. It’s a big burden.”

Many still remember the effect of the pandemic at its peak.

“It’s very difficult for people who haven’t been to the hospital and seen on the floors what the patients looked like what the staff looked like.”

“I was going around the floors trying to help the nurses and you know, talking to a patient and saying, ‘How are you? And ‘all I can get for you?’ And he said ‘don’t let me die.’ And within 24 hours he was dead. And I have this guy’s face imprinted in my mind.

Chapman spoke about the aftermath on medical staff who worked during the pandemic and how he studies mental health resources.

“Staff have been hit hard. Difficult patients. Families, there was a lot of emotion around this. So we’re looking for everyone… When I say everyone, most healthcare systems trying to figure out what to do to try and help staff, we’re just talking about implementing a program called rise.

CRMC wants to ensure that the mental health and precautions of staff remain at the forefront. They are not forgotten as we return to a new normal.

Chapman also mentioned that in December and January, CRMC spent over $6 million in labor costs to meet patient needs.

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