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Louisville, Ky. – After 10 months of construction at the Louisville VA Medical Center site, area residents are beginning to see the beginnings of the facility rising from the ground. Much of this year has been spent on various earthwork preparations, but over the past few months great progress has been made in several foundation laying parts of the project.

Along with work on the base of the main hospital, significant progress has been made to install storm and sanitary water tanks at the site and the drilled pillars for the north car park.

Good planning was essential to get the project to where it is now – starting with the foundations.

“There are many essential elements to ensure that we have the right foundations. This starts with ensuring proper layout. We have a surveyor dedicated to this task,” said Dennis Klass, senior building control representative. “Once a hole is drilled for the deep foundation, it is carefully inspected to ensure that the underlying bedrock is capable of supporting the load for which it was designed.”

This foundation work allowed the team to begin on the basement walls, which are one of the most notable current features of the work, as over 1,000 cubic meters of concrete have been placed and preparations are underway. underway to begin installing the steel frame soon.

Not all current work involves vertical construction, explained Carl Lindsay, senior quality assurance representative.

“While there’s a lot of excitement about the build going up, there’s also a huge work effort going down,” Lindsay said. “In the southwest corner of the site, we will install the underground sanitary tank which will be approximately 40 feet in the ground. Many people will drive by on Interstate 264 and never realize that there are multiple people and entire pieces of equipment they can’t see because they’re so deep in the ground.

“Although the structural steel is the biggest piece of construction that will be visible from anywhere by sight, we cannot overlook the other works that will not be so visible. We are starting to place the supporting utilities under the hospital which will allow the facility to operate as planned,” Klass added. “Storm, sanitary, drainage, domestic water and fire extinguishing water will soon be followed by pipes for electricity and telecommunications. It is important that these utilities are correct now because fixing them later will be costly and inefficient.

Working on such a large project with so much detail reinforces the importance of planning to ensure the job is done right.

“It’s important to always look at the next phase of construction as we work through our current phase. It’s important to ask how the decisions we make today will affect the work we need to do tomorrow,” Klass said.

“You have to learn to think about what you can do to make sure the job gets done right the first time, nothing goes wrong in the first place, and you keep improving processes,” Lindsay added.

Another key to the project’s success was having the right people for the job, Lindsay said.

“The USACE team we assembled on the project is working cohesively. This allows us to provide many answers to the questions and concerns the joint venture has faster than the contract requires. real privilege to be part of such an exceptional team,” he said.

The $900 million project designed by URS-SmithGroup is being built by Walsh-Turner Joint Venture II, Chicago, Illinois.

The project includes the construction of a new 910,115 square foot medical center, parking structures, a 42,205 square foot power plant, roads, sidewalks and other site improvements.

The new 104-bed full-service hospital located on Brownsboro Road in Louisville, Ky., will provide world-class health care to more than 45,000 veterans in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

The new hospital will incorporate modern patient-centered care concepts to provide the best possible care to veterans. Additionally, to specifically address the needs of female Veterans, the new hospital will include a Women’s Health Clinic with four patient-focused care teams.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2026.

To learn more about the project, visit: www.va.gov/louisville-health-care/programs/new-robley-rex-va-medical-center.

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