DVIDS – News – Medical Center of Excellence Releases Medical Society Doctrine Publication (Role 2)


As the culture of the U.S. Army shifts from counterinsurgency or limited contingency operations to full-scale combat operations, medical forces must optimize Army health system support at the echelon to maximum efficiency. Large-scale combat operations require a flexible and agile medical-ready force, with the supporting medical force equally flexible and agile in providing support to the Army health system.

Army Technical Publication 4-02.6, The Medical Company (Role 2), is one of the foundational publications of the Army Medical System that provides doctrinal guidance on capabilities and capabilities to each role of medical care. This publication outlines training considerations to help strengthen AHS support for units conducting divisional closeout operations. It provides more detailed tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting brigade-level medical support than previous medical company doctrine.

The dynamic and rapid evolution of today’s combat operations will require skilled Role 2 medical company leaders. Of equal if not greater importance is how we educate, organize, train, equip and professionally develop medical leaders at the platoon and corporate level. This publication is designed to be the foundation for leaders and soldiers to build their training and, through training, gain the experience necessary to succeed in multi-domain operations. This publication serves as a catalyst for leaders to perform now, develop skills in their leadership capabilities, and determine how to successfully support the future operations of the Role 2 medical society.

The medical company must be staffed, equipped, and trained to support the army forces, as the army supports the joint force during combat operations. Just as the Army seeks dominance in volatile, complex, and ambiguous environments, operational medicine is redefining how the Army health system evolves to support these emerging challenges. Observations, insights and lessons learned from major training events have demonstrated the need for an enterprise-level publication that drives the transition from medical mission to support operations that the Army has grown accustomed to. over the past 20 years to a much more difficult medical mission in support of large-scale combat operations.

The material presented in this publication reflects enduring practices in the timely support of the Army Health System to the Tactical Commander. This publication is the third of four publications that describe Army Health System Support Operations from the point of injury to the Role 1 Medical Treatment Facility to the Role Medical Treatment Facility. 2 and the start of evacuation to the Role 3 medical treatment facility.

Doctrine is only one aspect guiding how we support the combatant medically; however, doctrine is useless without leaders and soldiers trained and educated in its application, and a bottom-up approach to doctrine begins at the bottom with foundational publications. For this reason and in response to direction from the Commanding General of the Combined Arms Center, the Doctrinal Literature Division of the Medical Center of Excellence has developed Army Techniques Publication 4-02.6, The Medical Company (Role 2) , to outline tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as training, leadership, and education considerations, to help strengthen platoon and company leaders in providing AHS support to units conducting closeout operations of dividing.

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