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FAIRMONT — Staff at WVU Medicine Fairmont Medical Center took the time Thursday to thank nurses for the work they do in providing quality health care to patients as part of Nurses Week.

Hospital Director of Nursing Cari Morgan, Inpatient Charge Nurse Catherine Mayle and Vice President of Operations Aaron Yanuzo planted a burning bush near the hospital’s time capsule that was planted and sealed a year ago.

“As our nurses were meeting to discuss how we were going to celebrate Nurses Week, the idea came up to plant a shrub at our time capsule. We would like to represent ourselves not only by planting our roots in the community – so we planted our roots almost two years ago in this community – when WVU Medicine stepped in and reinstated health care in Marion County. So we wanted to plant a shrub and show that we’re putting down our roots and we’re here to grow,” Morgan said, addressing the small gathering near the WVU Medicine Cancer Center.

Morgan said construction is about to begin on a 30-bed skilled nursing facility that will be on the second floor of the hospital. It’s part of a five-year, $110 million expansion and renovation plan for the site that dates back to 1939 and its beginnings as Fairmont General Hospital.

WVU Medicine came to Fairmont in June 2020 and resurrected life in the hospital which was briefly closed by its former owner, Irvine, Calif.-based Alecto Healthcare LLC.

Morgan said Thursday’s event was meant to thank the nurses for all they do, while also reminding the community of WVU Medicine’s commitment to Marion County.

“We are here to grow with this community, to meet all the health care needs of this community. We are in the process of expanding plans, growing. We are preparing to begin construction of a 30-bed skilled nursing facility to meet the needs of the community. We have our 12 bed emergency room which is very busy and we have our 42 inpatient beds which are filling up fast, so we are starting to start expanding – additional inpatient units, OR is in our future. So we just want to picture ourselves growing with the community here at Fairmont,” Morgan said.

WVU Medicine Chaplain Moira Reilly offered a prayer after the shrub was planted.

First she thanked.

“Holy, for this beautiful thing you have done, we give you thanks. We give you thanks for the roots that run deep in this community. We give you thanks for all who live, serve and love and are your hands and your feet here in this place. Special thanks to all our nursing staff in this nurses week that we are celebrating today on the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of Florence Nightingale. We give thanks for these nurses who give themselves so much of kindness and compassion. We give thanks in this hospital..responding to the needs of those in our community. We give thanks for this new tree, a symbol of our roots and our strength.

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