Famous South Meadows Medical Center will soon open new private rooms for patients | New


You may have seen construction taking place outside Renown South Meadows Medical Center. The Boulevard Double R. location gets new private patient rooms.

This is part of a larger expansion across Renown Health campuses.

The new rooms inside South Meadows will open next month.

These new patient rooms are not only private, but each space includes a family space so that patients’ loved ones have space to relax while supporting their friend or family member during a hospital stay.

There are also subtle changes like paint, lighting, color schemes, decor and more.

Although they don’t seem like big changes…the managers say that creating a comfortable space is very helpful.

“People don’t want to come to old, outdated and unwelcoming establishments. So we believe this will also deliver the care we provide and enhance the experience people have within our walls,” says Chief Operating Officer, South Meadows Renown Susan Lee.

Director of Nursing, Jennifer Allen, adds, “We know how much the environment can heal. So we learn from our patients and we make those adjustments. And our staff tells us what they like. in this beautiful region.”

Renown has also worked hard to create comfortable and relaxing spaces for its staff, especially the nurses.

Managers we spoke to highlighted the stress the pandemic has brought and how it has highlighted the need to create space within their care centers for nurses to step away from providing care during long hours… and take a break.

“We need a place where our nurses can not only sit and rest, but they also need a calming environment with soothing colors, which are bright. It can also provide that mental rest after providing care,” says Lee.

Allen adds: “I mean, basically, it’s their second home. They spend a lot of time here with their colleagues, taking care of the patients and their families. So we want to make it a safe environment and we want to make it easy for them.”

Construction continues for the new specialty care center.

Renown launched the project in August after demolishing the former Monaco Ridge assisted living facility.

It will be a three-story building directly connected to the existing medical center.

It is not yet known when the project will be completed.


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