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ft. Myers, Fla. – The first community medical center to provide emergency and emergency medical support in Florida after Hurricane Ian officially opens this week in Lee County with the Director of the Division of Disaster Management in attendance. Florida ER, Kevin Guthrie. The installation, located inside the Edison Mall in Ft. Myers, will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with medical personnel to treat, stabilize and transfer patients to help with the overflow of regional hospitals. The site will have 100 beds with the possibility of expanding to 1,000 beds if needed.

The Community Medical Center is located in a former Sears location at Edison Mall, covering 30,000 square feet. The facility, located at 4125 Cleveland Avenue, will provide 24-hour care with the ability to triage and treat patients with low-acuity medical needs and house them for 24-48 hours while awaiting transfer to the brick nearest available. -mortar hospital. The goal is to serve as a relief resource and medical center while patients receive treatment and care while area hospitals continue to assess damage as well as repair facilities in the aftermath of the hurricane. Ian.

Facilitating Medical Care is a joint effort of multiple agencies, including: FEMA, Executive Office of the Governor, Division of Emergency Management, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Florida Department of Health, Agency of Florida for Health Care Administration and Lee County. Dozens of doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical personnel from across Florida and the country will work at the hospital.

“CDR Health and our entire team are grateful to Governor DeSantis and Director Kevin Guthrie for their commitment to a speedy and safe recovery effort. CDR is here to ensure residents impacted by Hurricane Ian have access to emergency medical care as they focus on rebuilding their homes and lives after this catastrophic storm,” said Tina Vidal-Duart, CEO of CDR Health, Inc. “We are here to supplement and serve as a resource for local brick-and-mortar hospitals and other medical facilities as they assess, repair and reopen to full capacity. We have a mission: SAVE LIVES.


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