Henry Co. Medical Center Announces Stars of Excellence Recipients


HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Announcing the July Stars of Excellence recipients.

According to information received from Henry County Medical Center, Ronald Cummings, HCMC Facilities Management, has been announced as July’s Partner of the Month in the Stars of Excellence program.

Cummings was nominated with a kind and heartfelt submission from Facilities Management Supervisor Richard Ferrell.

In the submission, Ferrell praised Cummings for his hard work every day and for being the embodiment of what an HCMC employee should be.

Mr Cummings has been praised for his work on several projects, including a drainage issue which affected several rooms but which he was able to help resolve quickly and even stayed late to ensure the job was completed.

He was also noted as being a true leader in the department, with integrity, keeping a smile throughout and earning a lot of respect from his colleagues.

Cummings was among nine other people who were nominated for July’s Star of Excellence program award.

Henry County Medical Center also awards Star Partners each month.

Featured Partners for July include: Mike Wallace and Lee Ross, HCMC Plant Operations; Jane Poe, mammography; Tonia Atkinson, HCHC Food and Nutrition; Jeanie Rogers, Home Care and Palliative Care; Lisa Henson, Imaging Services; Yvonne Schubye, HCMC Food and Nutrition; and Kerri Atwill, Imaging Services.

According to Henry County Medical Center, these HCMC partners were also named by patients and colleagues for their hard work and dedication to this hospital. Their work does not go unnoticed by HCMC and the hospital is pleased to honor them with the Stars of Excellence program.

These partners were nominated for:

Wallace and Ross: Both were named for helping a staff member with a flat tire, ensuring the staff member was able to get back on the road and treat patients.

Poe: She was nominated for agreeing to take on a full-time charge at the diagnostic center for months while another technologist was away so that women in the community could continue to have their mammograms and DEXA scans uninterrupted.

Atkinson: She was nominated by her director for all the extra work and planning she provided for Health Week while her director was on vacation, ensuring that partners, residents and patients enjoyed the celebration.

Minor: She was nominated by her manager for having had a huge impact in the first three weeks of her employment as a phlebotomist. She stepped up and took on the training and workload like a pro.

Roger: She returned to work early after her vacation to make sure no one was working overtime or struggling with the workload.

Henson: She was named by a patient for providing a calm atmosphere for her procedure and providing her with feedback, putting her at ease the entire time.

Schouby: She was nominated for the two recent retirement receptions for which she provided cakes to HCMC. She was thoughtful, enthusiastic and detail oriented in recognizing half a century of service by the two retirees.

At will: She was nominated by her manager for her passion for her work and the patients. She recently transitioned to the role of Chief CT Technologist and took on a large amount of responsibility, covering calls herself, helping with scheduling, and working early, late, and weekends as needed. Additionally, she helped complete a challenge presented to patients at the West Cancer Center, learning about the knowledge and training needed to enable our patients to receive CT SIMS for cancer treatment at HCMC instead of going to Jackson. or elsewhere.

To submit an application for Henry County Medical Center’s Partner for the Stars of Excellence program, use the Dear Administration or WOW cards located in the Partners in Your Care bags provided upon admission or use the Star Partner forms, which are available on their website under quick tabs – Health heroes.


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