Kadlec Medical Center adds another K-9 to security team


The new K-9 joins the Kadlec Security team (Kadlec Medical Center image)

The new K-9 joins the Kadlec Security team (Kadlec Medical Center image)

According to information released by Kadlec Regional Medical Center, their security team is adding a K-9

Another K-9 added to Kadlec security team

Joining the security forces is K-9 Major and Handler Pete Almaguer, who have worked with the team since March and are now called upon to provide full security.

According to Emily Volland, director of communications at Kadlec, the two will team up with Colonel K-9 and manager Phil Reams as part of campus security.

The addition was made possible by a grant from the Kadlec Foundation. Almaguer received official certification in July, these officers go through much the same training as police officers when they become K-9 officers.

The addition of K-9 Major will double Kadlec Security’s ability to handle situations across all Kadlec facilities, according to Volland.

Many hospitals and medical facilities across the county, especially larger ones, use K-9s to provide additional security for their facilities.

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