Lawmakers propose financial autonomy rules for public medical institutions


NA Social Affairs Committee Chairperson Nguyen Thuy Anh said the revised bill has 12 chapters and 121 articles, 15 more than the draft submitted to the National Assembly in the third session. .

Some MPs said that medical examination and treatment is a special service, and the authority to decide these prices should always follow the principle of accurate and proper calculation.

The State manages and promulgates the prices of medical visits and care for public establishments, and sets the price range for those who implement autonomy and socialization schemes. The prices offered by private medical institutions must comply with the provisions of the law on prices, but a price control mechanism is necessary to protect the interests of patients.

Deputy Tran Khanh Thu from Thai Binh province proposed the addition of an article stipulating the financial autonomy of public health establishments.

Health Minister Dao Hong Lan said the bill will concretize forms of social resource attraction in medical examination and treatment; and initially address the current shortcomings facing medical structures.

This can solve the problem of the price of medical examinations and treatments which is not calculated accurately and adequately, she said.

On the National Medical Council’s organization of national assessments of medical school graduates, Lan said it is in line with international integration trends in the region and the world.

The bill states that state management agencies will rely on these assessment results to grant medical examination and treatment practice licenses to ensure objectivity in the assessment of professional capacity. medical examination and treatment practitioners.


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