Letter from AIIMS chief seeking fluid medical facilities for MPs quotes ‘SOP’


The Director of AIIMS Dehi, Dr. M Srinivas, wrote the letter to the Joint Secretary of Lok Sabha, YM Kandpal. (Case)

New Delhi:

Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi on Wednesday wrote a letter to Joint Secretary of Lok Sabha on streamlining Outpatient Service (OPD), Emergency Consult and Inpatient Services for MPs , following the SOPs that have been issued in this regard.

“In the event that a serving MP requires OPD consultation from a specialist/super-specialist department, the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat or the MP’s personal staff will contact the duty officer and provide him/her with the details required about the disease and a specialist/super-specialist doctor to consult,” says the letter from Dr M Srinivas to YM Kandpal.

“The SOPs include Duty Officers, who are qualified medical professionals from the Hospital Administration Department, will be available in the AIIMS Hospital Control Room 24 hours a day and the Duty Officer will be the nodal officer to coordinate and facilitate the medical care arrangements required for serving MPs,” he added.

According to Dr Srinivas’ letter, “The duty officer will speak to a relevant medical specialist or super specialist or the head of the department and schedule a required appointment. In case it is necessary, we can speak to the head of the center or also to the head of the department concerned.”

“In the event of an emergency where the People’s Representative requires immediate medical attention, the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat or the MP’s personal staff will contact the duty officer and provide him with the necessary details of the illness In order for the duty officer to guide them as to emergency services the MP should be taken to the primary emergency or trauma center emergency or eye emergency,” the letter states.

“In the event of a Member’s hospitalization, the attending faculty will send a brief note to the Chief Medical Officer regarding the ailment or disease from which the Member is suffering, the proposed line of care and the expected length of stay. This will be countersigned by the Medical Superintendent and will be sent to the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat on the email id provided by the Medical Superintendent’s office,” Dr Srinivas said in a letter.

After the letter was released, AIIMS Delhi tweeted, “AIIMS New Delhi has always had a 24/7 control room for the coordination of medical care for patients from all walks of life. Residents and faculty at the Department of Hospital Administration are working here to ease logistics and expedite treatment for the poorest of the poor.”


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