Loan without proof of income

The loan immediately without proof of income is also in the bank’s offer

The loan immediately without proof of income is also in the bank

Loans immediately without proof of income used to be the domain of non-bank companies, which often demanded extremely high interest rates. Today, you can arrange these loans online and at the bank with minimal administration.

A fast loan from Bankate Bank can range from CZK 500 to CZK 20,000. You get a loan if you are 21 to 85 years old and have a previous loan with Bankate. No guarantor, pledge, and unreasonable paperwork.

Bankate Credit – a new loan right away

Bankate Credit - a new loan right away

In addition to microloans, the bank offers the popular financial product Bankate Credit in an overdraft style. You can take this flexible loan repeatedly with up to CZK 80,000 . The Bankate Credit loan can be repaid either in a lump sum or by a minimum monthly installment of 12.5% ​​of the total amount due. Now in action – the first 30-day loan without interest. You will return what you borrow within 30 days. With normal drawdown after the interest-free period, the monthly interest rate is as low as 5.75% .

You direct everything yourself, and if you don’t have any loan, you have the money available at no charge. “Bankate Credit is cheaper than ordinary micro loans. I have already recommended it to several acquaintances and so far everyone has been satisfied, just like me, ” says one of the clients, Mr. Oldřich.

More about Bankate Bank

More about Bankate Bank

A loan without proof of income sent immediately to the account has been known in the Czech Republic since 2005. The traditional provider of these “Finnish” loans is Bankate, which then became a bank. Bankate Bank is part of the Bankate Goup Group, the first European fast-lending company. Today it has branches in 23 countries, over 350 financial specialists and approximately 2 million satisfied customers. Bankate Group guarantees transparency and openness in all its communications.

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