Local emergency medical services are receiving more heat-related calls | Community


Medford – The heat wave in the Wayward Valley has caused an increase in local emergency medical services. Caring for more people who do not have access to cool spaces.

Mercy Flights ground manager in Medford, Darren Healy, says the majority of patients they assist are people who do not have access to a refrigerated area. As well as people who choose not to use city-provided facilities such as cooling shelters.

“It’s unfortunate that some people choose not to, but the most important thing is to make sure our healthy population understands that this is going to be a significant heat event,” Healy says.

He says to protect yourself from the heat, it’s a good idea to do things in the morning and at night, really plan your day to try and stay out of the heat, Healy says.

There are different levels of heat-related illnesses, such as heat rash, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. With these illnesses, you need to get the person to a cooler environment, put on loose or cool clothing, and have water available. He says when people don’t listen to their bodies, that’s when these types of illnesses show up.

“As an organization we make sure first and foremost that we take care of our team who take care of our community by making sure they have access to cold drinks, our team often chooses to share them with people in the community,” says Healy.

According to Beaux Brasseur, flight nurse, as the heat increases, so do the number of calls for heat-related illnesses. He says it seems people are getting more and more injured over the summer while doing risky recreational activities in remote areas.

“Our helicopter is an additional resource that Mercy can bring to the community. If someone is seriously injured from a far distance, we can actually get there, save time and get them to the hospital faster than usual. “, says Brasseur.

Mercy Flights wants the community to pay attention to your body and the people around you, as the next few days are expected to be warmer.

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