Marshfield Medical Center-Minocqua Celebrates Grand Opening of Ambulance Base | Local News


MINOCQUA, Wis. (WJFW) – Marshfield Medical Center in Minocqua today celebrated the opening of its 34 hundred square foot ambulance base to support its growing medical transportation team. This project has been underway for almost two years. The brand new building includes three garage bays for ambulances, three bedrooms for transport teams and an office. Michael Schars, an emergency physician, hopes the new facility will help boost the morale of paramedics.

“I think this will be wonderful for crews, it will increase their ability to rest and recover between shifts, it should improve patient care and safety as crews will be better rested and hopefully this would be good for crew morale,” said Michel Schars. Schars says this installation would not have been possible without the help of staff.

“I would say it was a team effort, there were a lot of dedicated people who played a part in it, including the ward director and the medical director,” Schars said. “We continue to expand the service by safely and reliably transferring patients from this region,” he added. The new facility will provide the transport team with the space they need to train, prepare and recover between races. Schars says Marshfield is currently expanding the clinic and expects another facility to open in 2023.


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