Mohalla Clinics in Delhi: Women get free gynecology and other medical services


As the AAP government plans to launch 100 more mohalla clinics in Delhi, women will enjoy free gynecological and medical services close to home.

Most of the work to establish the Mohalla Clinic has been completed. (Representative image)


  • Delhi government to soon open 100 more mohalla clinics in nation’s capital
  • Women will benefit from free gynecological and related medical services at these clinics
  • The capital currently has 519 mohalla clinics which provide free primary healthcare services to patients

In a bid to further strengthen the city’s health infrastructure, the AAP government led by Arvind Kejriwal is ready to open 100 new mohalla clinics across the city, especially to provide free gynecological and other related medical services to women near from their homes.

Citing the importance of this step, a health department official said the clinics that will open soon will provide specialized services to women and will be a great initiative for those in the middle class and low-income groups, as the majority of them do not have the privileges of medical specialists and medical facilities.

The official also said that much of the work to establish these new clinics has already been completed and that up to 40 of these primary health centers will be open between July and August, with the others to follow.

The capital currently has 519 mohalla clinics that provide free primary health care services to patients.

Speaking on the matter, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said the government is taking its plans for a mohalla clinic very seriously and work is underway to fully digitize these clinics.

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