Pikeville Medical Center introduces students to potential career paths


PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – The recruiting team at Pikeville Medical Center has just completed a program aimed at bringing future generations into the future of health care.

Students at Pikeville High School were part of an assembly on Tuesday, where PMC recruiters looked at some of the vacancies in hospital facilities and how job postings often differ what some might expect. Highlighting some of the certified positions, tuition assistance, enrollment bonuses and more, the assembly brought students together to hear what is possible through the regional employer.

“We’re now pushing that you don’t have to go to college. So, not everyone wants to get into plumbing; not everyone wants to go into electrical,” said future UPIKE student Kylie Hall, who is headed into medical school. “So it’s kind of like, ‘what are they going to do?'”

She said it was great to see programs highlight other career moves.

“Pikeville Medical allows you to train onsite, get all of your hours onsite, and get paid while you train. Then get straight into the job and get a higher salary once you’re in the job? It’s important for the students here and I think for the county in general,” she said. “It really gives everyone a perspective on what to expect when they graduate, as graduation is right around the corner.”

Similar meetings have been held throughout the PMC’s coverage area for the past few weeks, spreading the post-secondary education discussion from Letcher County to Johnson County and places in between.

Some students have been in the mindset of pursuing medicine for years, such as Alex Rogers senior who is considering a career in optometry.

“I had just moved here. And just seeing the different things as what they need – and just knowing that there are a lot more people than there are people who can help them,” he said.

But career path discussions show that the hospital is hiring positions they may not be expecting; from truckers to baristas.

“The fact that they can come here and give them that kind of information, you know, pushes them in the right direction and lets them know that you know they have options for you,” Rogers said.

Students received a magazine full of information on jobs, salaries, training and education requirements and more. Students also saved their information to share with partner schools and universities, to help them connect with their next steps.

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