Plan details platform for medical services


China plans to build a consolidated and coordinated health information platform by 2025 to provide better medical services and guard against public health threats, according to a recent document.

The National Health Commission on Wednesday released a master plan that charts the way forward to further integrate the health sector with information technology during the 14th five-year plan period (2021-25).

The plan was jointly released by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Administration for Disease Prevention and Control.

“The plan should provide strong support to the country to avert and respond to major epidemics and acute public health emergencies…proactively deal with an aging society and establish a high-quality and efficient health service network,” the commission said in a statement explaining the document.

The plan envisaged that by 2025, all public medical institutions should be connected to a national health information platform, while information sharing between different hospitals should be further intensified.

Databases containing vital statistics, health and medical records will be further improved, and each resident should have an online health catalog and a digital health code that would facilitate cross-regional medical consultations, he said. -he adds.

At the same time, a global platform dedicated to contagious disease surveillance, early warning and emergency response will be deployed to accelerate the early detection and coordinated management of major epidemics and acute public health emergencies.

The facility will not only be accessible to county authorities nationwide, but will also contain a wide range of information, such as abnormal health events, virus test results, media reports and public complaints, says the document.

He also pointed out that the newly proposed two huge information archives should be connected at all levels of hospitals and basic medical institutions.

The plan also mentions expanding the role of online consultations in campaigns and strengthening the collection and processing of information on childcare services and the elderly.

According to Mao Qun’an, director of the commission’s planning and information department, significant progress has been made in China’s health sector in the use of information technology in recent years, with basic form of the envisaged health information platform.

Official data shows that more than 2,200 tertiary-level hospitals – the highest among a three-tier rating system for hospitals – have successfully shared information with each other.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, big data technologies have played a vital role in infection tracking and equipment attribution, and online medical consultations have helped respond to patient inquiries and reduce the spread of the virus. virus.


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