Premier Medical Laboratory Services Named Best Genetic Diagnostics Solutions Provider


GREENVILLE, South Carolina, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — First medical laboratory services (PMLS) was named Best Genetic Diagnostics Solutions Provider by Health Technology Outlook. With one of the largest next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities in the country, PMLS has been instrumental in tracking COVID-19 variants and helping scientists understand the mutations that create new virus strains. over time. In February 2022, they were able to identify some of the first cases of the BA.2 variant in Florida and Caroline from the southand most recently, three new BA.4 variant cases in Florida.

In addition to NGS, PMLS also offers advanced genetic disease screening solutions through its coveted range of specialty tests, MDHealthPro. The tests cover a wide range of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hereditary cancers, infections, allergies, etc. “With its advanced genetic disease screening solutions, Premier Medical Laboratory Services plays a catalytic role in helping healthcare organizations protect their patients,” said Healthcare Tech Outlook.

Overall, as CAP accredited laboratory, PMLS offers 2,000 advanced diagnostic test options that we run on state-of-the-art equipment. “We are a full-service clinical laboratory focused on delivering clinically meaningful results for better patient outcomes. As an industry leader in molecular diagnostics, our in-house PhD scientists, laboratory staff and our customer service team provide accurate and reliable disease screening results,” Steve KamalicCOO of PMLS, told Healthcare Tech Outlook.

Premier Medical Laboratory Services has a growing network of laboratories spanning United States. With such reach, they can serve physicians in all regions and help provide quality care to their patients. PMLS is also focused on expanding its direct-to-consumer reach with a new line of retail medical testing products for home use. With this line of home tests and a diverse and highly advanced menu of tests ordered by doctors and processed in their lab, PMLS is able to meet a wide range of health care needs for the population.

About PMLS

Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, is an advanced molecular diagnostic laboratory fully certified by top laboratory accreditation bodies, including CLIA and CAP. PMLS is proud to offer some of the fastest test result turnaround times in the industry and patient friendly billing. They offer thousands of advanced medical diagnostic tests and screenings, including genomic risk assessment tests for heart disease and diabetes, as well as women’s health panels, toxicology, allergy testing, pharmacogenomics, routine blood chemistry and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). With a sincere mission to improve patient care, their in-house research and development team of PhD scientists and forward-thinking laboratory staff continually innovate to provide the most advanced medical diagnostics available to improve the lives of patients. For more information on PMLS, please visit or call 866-387-2909.

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