Public hospitals lack medical facilities, staff


Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh): Health services at Indira Gandhi district hospital and various primary health centers in Mandsaur district remained far from satisfactory in terms of providing basic medical facilities to the people.

Government hospitals mainly District Hospital and Primary Health Centers in Shamgarh, Narayangarh, Suwasra, Garoth town lack basic medical facilities, resources and hospital staff which adds to the adversities of sick patients . The patients are very harassed because the district hospital’s X-ray machine had been inactive for a few days.

In addition to this, the RT-PCR testing machine which was placed at a total cost of Rs 80L at the MLA fund district hospital during the pandemic period was also found to be non-operational, due to which patients and attendants have to go through a lot of worry. Notably, patients have faced a similar situation in various primary health centers in the district as there are shortages of doctors, technicians, nurses and compounds.

Due to the shortage of doctors, patients wait hours for proper treatment and are forced to visit private hospitals. Private hospitals would take advantage of the exodus and use gullible patients to defraud.

Recently, MP Yashpal Singh Sisodia during the virtual review meeting attended by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan raised the issue of RTPCR machine and appointment of medical staff but nothing was done so far. ‘now.

According to the district health officer, Dr KL Rathod, one x-ray machine at the district hospital and five at block level were found to be malfunctioning.

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