Regional Medical Center opens primary care facility in Bowman


The facility measures 2,000 square feet and will fill the void of being the only medical practice in the town of Bowman.

BOWMAN, SC—The Regional medical center opened a new primary care facility in the town of Bowman. He is currently accepting patients.

The 2,000 square foot clinic is located just off Highway 178 in Bowman. The facility, located at 108 Causeway Ct, once housed the office of former Bowman physician Anna Price. Dr. Price has since retired and left the office in March.

“They wanted to bring affordable health care to the town of Bowman,” Mayor Patsy Rhett said.

Hospital leaders say the newly renovated facility will fill the void of being the only medical practice in the town of Bowman.

“Right away I said, ‘Well, first of all, we can’t leave the town of Bowman without a supplier’, that would mean they would have to travel more than 20 minutes, 30 minutes, to get supplies. care,” said Sabrina Robinson, vice president of operations at the regional medical center.

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Robinson says the clinic aims to gradually expand and offer telehealth and other specialist services.

Bowman Mayor Patsy Rhett said that means residents who have traveled as far as Orangeburg, Santee and Branchville for treatment will now have a more accessible option.

“Many of our seniors don’t have the luxury of transportation, which means family members should have made sure they were transported,” Rhett said.

From next week, medical staff will be on site to start registering patients.

For more information, contact the CMR Bowman Clinic at (803) 395-3025. People can also contact Bowman City Hall at (803)-829-2666.

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