soothing colors and bold patterns paint pediatric medical center by UNStudio


FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Center by UNStudio

Architecture and design firm A studio designed the FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Center in Beijing, China, with soothing palettes and panoramic images throughout the space as a gesture to promote positive mental health for children aged zero to thirteen. Inspired by nature and children’s book illustrations, the studio has absorbed FlySolo’s philosophy of empowering children so they can take on active roles in society and infuse the health care facility with a particular emphasis on scale, light and the flow of soft, vivid and natural colors to engage children. Pediatrics architecture in beijing presents itself as a renewed approach to rehabilitation architecture in chinathat imagines the experience of health care from the perspective of children and their parents.

images courtesy of UNStudio and FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Center | all pictures of WEN Studio

Soft colors used to promote positive mental health

A studio the design revolves around the needs of children and their parents while the team incorporates children’s tendency to play, explore, move, and discover. The waiting areas outside the treatment rooms benefit from the presence of mini slides and interactive seats with little nooks here and there for children to play and to provide privacy for families. Flexibility and adaptability to the current climate are behind the interior design of the pediatric rehabilitation center where most of the materials used are LEED certified building objects.

Soft colors contrast with the typical bright white paintwork of hospitals, which can evoke a sense of urgency and urgency that families, especially children, may not need to feel at some point. . Through the use of pastel hues, a warm and humanizing rehabilitation experience is cultivated, allowing children and their families to navigate their medical journey from diagnosis to treatment without an aura of weariness.

pediatric medical center by UNStudio
for the colors, the studio took into account the tendency of children to play, explore, move and discover

Modular partitions adapted to the needs of the center

Speaking of flexibility, the incorporation of adjustable room dividers helps room layouts evolve over time, always adapting to the centre’s changing needs. To achieve this, UNStudio worked with doctors, therapists and the FlySolo Family Advisory Board to review many possible layouts based on maximizing the required uses of the overall space, ultimately landing on the adoption of removable walls for balance the physical appearance with the psychological and social of people. requests. The overall design then houses physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy rooms, as well as shared physician and consultation offices. UNStudio and FlySolo took the human experience in rehabilitation medicine as their priority and materialized a radiation-centered design to elevate children and families on their medical journey.

pediatric medical center by UNStudio
soothing palettes and panoramic images aim to promote positive mental health

pediatric medical center by UNStudio
the design was also inspired by nature and children’s book illustrations


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