The Complete Guide to Womack Army Medical Center


The Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC as the locals like to call it) is a military hospital located in Ft. Bragg. That’s not super surprising, since Ft. Bragg is such a big base. It is also very convenient for soldiers and their family members who live near the facility to seek treatment. If you’re PCSing to work at WAMC, you probably have a lot of questions. This guide will help you start your moving process.


The facility is named after Medal of Honor recipient Bryant H. Womack. WAMC has 138 beds. Over 66,000 patients visit the hospital each year and over 11,000 are admitted. Doctors perform more than 2,700 inpatient and 7,400 outpatient surgeries per year. Additionally, Womack Army Medical Center serves more than 160,000 eligible beneficiaries in the area. This is the largest beneficiary population of the army.

Before BRAC changed so much, many DoD facilities had full medical centers built into the footprint. This made it easier for service members to seek care. Here are some lesser known facts about medical centers.

Understanding how to navigate healthcare in the military can be confusing. Here’s an overview of Tricare plans to help you know what to choose.

Location of Womack Army Medical Center

WAMC is stationed at Fort Bragg. ft. Bragg is located near Fayetteville, North Carolina.

If coming from the South, take I-95 South to Exit 56 toward Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Pope AFB, US 301 South. Then turn right at the first light onto Grove Street. Then turn right on Bragg Blvd. Continue to Santa Fe Drive. Join the All American Freeway and it will take you to Ft. Bragg.

Coming from the North you will want to use I-15 N. Then merge onto 1-95 Business Route North toward Fayetteville/ Fort Bragg/ Pope AAF. Continue on US-301 for approximately seven miles. Then turn left on Owen Drive. This becomes the All American Freeway, which takes you to Fort Bragg.

NMCCL management and staff met with Womack Army Medical Center leadership during their visit to MCB Camp Lejeune on August 12, 2021.


The nearest airport is Fayetteville Regional Airport. Although it is a regional airport, it hosts major airlines like American and Delta. Fayetteville is only about 20 miles from the post, so it shouldn’t take too long to reach Womack Army Medical Center.

ft. Bragg Transportation Motor Pool is fully operational and free to military, DoD civilians, and contractors on official business. Family members can also take the shuttle if space permits. Call the shuttle dispatcher for more information.

Gates and hours

It’s no surprise that a post of this size has a lot of gates. As you’d expect, several of Ft. Bragg’s doors are open 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, some doors only open twice a day. The Visitor Control Center is located at the All American main gate. Visitors to WAMC must use the All American Gate. Visitor passes are issued to all non-DoD identification card holders who have a valid reason to enter the medical center.

All American – Main Gate 5 open 24/7

Appointment Telephone (910) 907-2778

Emergency Room Phone (910) 907-6559

Family Medicine Phone (910) 907-8500

Information Phone (910) 907-6000

Lab Phone (910) 907-8657

Medical Records Phone (910) 907-7179

Pain Clinic Phone (910) 907-7209

Pharmacy Phone (910) 907-7427

ft. Bragg contacts

AER (Army Emergency Aid) (910) 396-2507

YMCA Armed Services (910) 436-0500

Army Community Service (910) 396-8682

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) (910) 396-7751

Chaplain and Church Services (910) 396-1121

Child Development Center (910) 396-1136

Citizenship and Immigration Services (910) 396-6120

Civilian Personnel Office (910) 908-2722

Deployment and Mobilization Support (910) 432-3742

Office of Educational Services (910) 396-6721

EFMP – Registration (910) 907-3367

Family Daycare (910) 396-3415

Finance Office (82nd) ​​(910) 432-0109

Household Goods/Transportation Bureau (910) 396-2903

Housing Services Office (910) 396-8516

ID/CAC Card Processing (910) 396-9339

Information and Referral Services (910) 396-8682

Legal Support Office (910) 396-0396

Pleasure Travel Services (910) 396-8747

Loan office (910) 396-6013

Library (910) 396-2665

Military Apparel Sales (910) 436-2200

MWR Outdoor Recreation (910) 396-7060

New Parent Support Program (910) 396-7951

Unrestricted Funds (NAF) Human Resources (910) 396-8933

Northern Police Station (910) 396-2316

Personal Financial Management Services (910) 907-3670

School Liaison Office (910) 432-1023

Shuttle Dispatch (910) 396-1992

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (910) 432-7322

Southern Police Station (910) 436-5320

Spousal Education, Training and Career (910) 396-2390

Substance Abuse Program (910) 396-4100

Tax Center (910) 396-8299

Temporary accommodation/ticket office (910) 396-7700

Transition Assistance Program (910) 396-8682

Travel desk (910) 436-1185

Housing for unaccompanied members (910) 643-4675

Vehicle Registration Center (910) 432-8193

Veterinary Services (910) 396-9120

Womack Army Medical Center (910) 907-6000

Youth Sports and Fitness (910) 396-9123

woman doctor
Staff Sgt. Federico G. Robinson, medic, Department of Emergency Medicine, Womack Army Medical Center, draws blood from a patient.

Health services offered

WAMC is committed to providing patience with state-of-the-art care in a compassionate and caring environment. Here are some of the services you can receive at the hospital. In addition to primary and preventative care, WAMC offers laboratory testing and radiology, mental health and addictions, specialty care, and women’s health services.

History of Womack Army Medical Center

When ft. Bragg was still only Camp Bragg, the installation housed a hospital. It was built in 1918 and included a headquarters and two dispensaries. Camp Bragg Hospital closed a year later. Then, USA Station Hospital One opened in 1932. Despite World War II, it closed in 1941. Then, USA Station Hospital Number Two and Three opened around that time.

Several years later, a nine-story, 500-bed hospital opened. This hospital served the military population until March 2022 when the new Womack Army Medical Center opened.

Things to do around Womack Army Medical Center

Nearby Fayetteville is a reasonably sized town, so you’ll find all the basic town amenities you might need for a night on the town or a day of shopping and enjoying a long lunch. The drive to Fayetteville typically takes about 20 minutes but can vary significantly, particularly during PT hours.


If you are visiting Womack Army Medical Center to visit someone, you may be able to stay in a Fisherman’s house. There is no guest fee charged for hosting and operates by donation.

Fayetteville Court (910) 487-5557

Embassy Suites by Hilton (910) 826-3600

Hampton Inn Spring Lake (910) 438-0945

Holiday Inn Express and Suites (910) 867-6777

SpringHill Suites by Marriott (910) 960-3000

surgical services
Col. Jennifer Bager speaks about her role in support of the Army mission. Bager is the deputy commander of surgical services at Womack Army Medical Center.

food scene

When you think of North Carolina, barbecue probably comes to mind! Of course, you will definitely want to add some to your plate, but there are also plenty of other Tar Heel specialties you should try too! It’s no surprise that fried green tomatoes topped with chili cheese is definitely a regional favorite. Of course, you shouldn’t skimp on the shrimp and grits either. If you’re craving something sweet, try a Cheerwine Float. It’s like a root beer float but better.


From Fort. Bragg is so extensive that Army MWR programming is excellent, so there should be plenty for you and your family to do on the installation and within the military community. Of course, there are also several outdoor spots that you should visit nearby.

OOmack Army Medical Center Lodging

If you’re PCSing to work at Womack Army Medical Center, you should know that Ft. Bragg is huge. This means that waiting times for accommodation can be exceptionally long. Be sure to call the Military Housing Office as soon as you receive orders. The health insurance fund can provide information on current waiting times.

Corvias owns and manages on-the-job accommodation. Residences range from two to four bedrooms. Ore housing is expected to be built as Ft. Bragg continues to grow.

Off-base housing is also an option.

Of course, single soldiers of rank E1 to E5 are required to live in the barracks.

Schools near WAMC

Mil-kids whose parents work at Womack Army Medical Center and live stationed can attend DoDEA schools. Off-post, students will attend schools in Cumberland County or Harnett County, depending on where you live. Speak to the School Liaison Office for enrollment information and advice on selecting the best choice for your children.

Womack Army Medical Center Ribbon Cutting
Cutting the ceremonial ribbon to celebrate the commissioning of two new residency programs. (Official U.S. Army photo by Jerome W. Mapp, WAMC Public Affairs)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment at Womack Army Medical Center?

Call the Central Appointment Line at (910) 907-2778.

Does Womack have a NICU?

Yes, Womack has a NICU. Find out more about the services offered here.

When is a soldier sent to Womack?

WAMC accepts soldiers and family members as needed.

What county is Womack Army Medical Center in?

WAMC is located in Cumberland County, North Carolina.


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