The Paris Regional Medical Center announces a rebranding initiative



New name and icon reflect the growth of the medical center and the organization’s affiliation with parent company Lifepoint Health

The Paris Regional Medical Center (Paris Régional) today announced the launch of an organizational rebranding initiative. This comes as parent company Lifepoint Health launches its new corporate brand identity to reflect the company’s culture of compassion, focus on innovation and growth as a diverse healthcare organization. Anchored by a vibrant heart-shaped icon, the brand will visually unify Lifepoint Health and its facilities. Paris Régional has been selected as the project’s flagship hospital and will adopt the new icon at the end of this year.

The name change not only brings a new look to the hospital icon, but with it comes a new name that embodies the widespread reach of the organization –Paris Regional Health.

“We are honored to have been chosen as the pilot hospital for this exciting project with our parent company, Lifepoint Health,” CEO Steve Hyde said. “With this change comes a new chapter in our 111-year-long history – a chapter that exemplifies strength, perseverance, progression, evolution and, above all, commitment to our community. As our services and capabilities have grown over the years, so has our reach. We are no longer just a medical center. With a combined primary and secondary service area of ​​nearly 250,000 people and six operational offsite clinics and service lines, we are a true regional health organization. We are the Regional Health of Paris.

The leaders of the Paris region assure the community that the name and icon changes do not mean any operational changes.

The new name and icon, pictured below, comes from the same heart icon as the symbol-heavy Lifepoint Health icon. The heart represents the hospital’s caring and inclusive culture and its mission to make communities healthier; it represents the 850+ team members who are at the heart of the hospital; the larger dot in the center of the heart represents the hospital’s commitment to patient-centered care; and the icon’s vibrant color spectrum conveys movement, representing the organization’s focus on innovation and shaping the future of healthcare delivery.


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