Vaccine pass requirement in medical institutions begins


Patients and others visiting non-emergency public medical facilities, such as specialist clinics under the Hospital Authority and designated health centers, will need to use the vaccine pass from Monday, June 13.

Applicable premises also include district health centers, student health services centers, government dental clinics, and methadone clinics.

Under the new rules as of today, unvaccinated patients will still be admitted – as long as they had a negative PCR test result within the previous 48 hours. But other visitors will not be able to use a negative test result as an alternative.

People entering medical facilities will need to produce their vaccination records for staff to check, but they will not need to scan the QR code.

Meanwhile, those who enter the premises to collect rapid test kits, get tested or vaccinated are exempt from the vaccination pass scheme.

Officials said the jab’s mandate would not apply to organizations providing emergency medical services, such as accident and emergency services and general outpatient clinics under the Hospital Authority.

The move has already raised concerns from the city’s patient advocacy groups, saying the new rule will effectively prevent some chronically ill or disabled patients from seeking treatment, citing difficulties for them to get tests PCR.


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